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 Wendy began her journey of makeup artistry when she was just a sophomore in high school. Starting out with mascara and lipgloss, she gradually taught herself how to do a full face of makeup by her senior year. With a full scholarship to college, Wendy chose to continue her education, double majoring in Political Science and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. To deal with the stress of classes and working two jobs, Wendy turned to makeup. 

She started experimenting with different styles of makeup on her own face, and in November of 2018, she created the Instagram account @beatsbymars to showcase her talents to the world. This undoubtedly garnered the attention of students on campus, and organizations alike. Having always had a passion for helping people find the beauty within themselves to feel more confident, she soon began servicing her peers out of her dorm room.


At the height of the pandemic, Wendy moved back home and took a leap of faith by quitting both of her jobs to work full time as a Makeup Artist. Choosing to invest more time on her business, she joined the DC Salon Suites family in hopes of providing a better experience for her clients. 

Recognizing the lack of representation and inclusivity in the beauty industry, Wendy prides herself in being able to cater to all persons, skin tones and skin types. Her goal is for her gift to inspire people to find the beauty within themselves so that they can feel more confident when taking on the world.

These days, if she's not transforming a client, the 23-year old artist can be found painting her own face while staying up-to-date on the ever-changing techniques, practices and protocols within her industry. 

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Grey Modern Flower Shop Business Brand Book Presentation-24.png
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